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DeSoto Parish Police Jury Partners with CivicSource to Auction Tax Delinquent Real Estate



DeSoto Parish Police Jury to implement proven technology to return blighted and delinquent properties to commerce and generate significant tax revenues.

DeSoto Parish (May 4, 2016) – DeSoto Parish has begun using the proven technologies of CivicSource to auction tax delinquent properties. The sales will place these properties back on the tax rolls, return them to commerce and generate significant, recurring annual tax revenues to the parish. Since buyers pay the total cost, partnership with CivicSource costs the parish nothing.

The online auction replaces the traditional auction held at the Courthouse. Traditional sales require participants to be present during the auction process. By hosting the sale online, bidders who would not normally be able to attend the auction in person are still able to participate from their homes or places of business. Anyone interested in participating in the adjudication sale may register online prior to the sale at

Over 50 qualified DeSoto Parish properties are now listed on to allow investors to nominate properties for an auction through a sale initiating deposit. The properties are those that previously went unsold in a tax sale, and as a result, became adjudicated to the parish. Only properties that have been adjudicated for more than five years are available on the site. The sale will provide winning bidders with full ownership of each property along with title insurance.

“We are hopeful these auctions will help spur new development, reduce blight and strengthen neighborhoods across parish,” said Ernel Jones, President.

At you will find a list of properties, a map, satellite images of the properties, an instructional video and answers to frequently asked questions regarding the adjudication sale process. CivicSource has already proven successful in other communities across the state. Since launching in July, the auctions have collected nearly $20 million through the sale of hundreds of properties.