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DeSoto Parish Mosquito Spraying

DeSoto Parish Mosquito Control has completed two rounds of mosquito spraying in the parish.  There has been a noted increase of the Aisan Tiger Mosquito population.  This mosquito is a daytime biter and can spread several different diseases.  Traditional spraying routines do not allow full control of this species.  To combat this ever growing population an additional morning spray has been scheduled for areas in some towns and other heavily populated areas beginning June 30, 2018. DeSoto Parish Mosquito Control will continue to monitor mosquito populations and plans to complete this additional spraying round once per month.  All other species' populations have been very low this year. Should you have any questions regarding mosquito control please call Harold Renfro, Director of Animal & Mosquito Control, at 318-871-2900.  To request "DO NOT SPRAY" signs for your property please contact the Road Department at 318-872-2131.