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Update Regarding Hurricane Laura

UPDATE 8-26-2020

Hurricane Laura is expected to arrive in DeSoto Parish late tonight. The Forecast indicates it will bring wind gusts between 75-105 mph.

DeSoto Parish Police Jury offices will close at 2:00 today (see exceptions below). Offices will open back up on Monday, August 31, 2020 unless conditions dictate otherwise.

The Road Department will continue its sandbag operation until 6:00 pm today and will have 2 (two) crews with supplemental crews, as necessary, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Solid Waste operations will be closed Thursday but will reopen on Friday with extended hours on both Friday and Saturday.

The Sheriff’s Office has recommended the following safety information as you prepare for the storm:

- SECURE YARD ITEMS:Especially near the windows of your home (outside). If you have items that could blow away, tie them down or bring them inside for the night.Consider what high winds could pick up and toss through the windows of your home or a neighbor’s home.

- PARK VEHICLES SAFELY away from potential falling trees tonight if you can.

- CHECK ON YOUR NEIGHBORS TODAY, especially those who are elderly and may not be able to take precautions that you can.See if they need assistance tying items down or bringing them in.Check back in on them after the storm has passed to ensure they are safe.

- DO NOT GO SIGHTSEEING.Please do not attempt to get out to see damage after the storm.We have seen countless reports of people who died or ended up trapped in a dangerous flood situation, or between fallen trees/power lines.

- KEEP EMERGENCY LINES OPEN.Please contact our dispatchers for emergencies, or needs of assistance, but please do not call just to ask common questions.This ties up lines from otherwise dangerous calls for assistance.We can take common questions via Messenger or the contact number below.

- HAVE A FAMILY MEETING:You can do this without striking fear, but have a conversation with your entire household on what your plan will be in the event the storm turns more severe.Where to meet up if separated, where to go in the event of tornadoes, and how to react if a tree were to fall on your home, and make sure everyone has a contact number for emergencies.

- CHARGE PHONES WELL BEFORE BEDTIME:And keep them charged.Make sure your entire family does this in case electricity goes out.You may need your phone to keep up with updates or call for emergencies.

- HAVE FLASHLIGHTS HANDY:Keep a well charged flashlight in rooms where they may be needed, and easy to find.Be sure batteries are charged and ready.

- AVOID FLOODED AREAS:During the last storm in DeSoto Parish, our office witnessed a tragic death due to something as simple as a flooded ditch.No one would have thought such a situation could have ended in that way.PLEASE do not attempt to enter flooded roadways, ditches, or any other area.Stay away and be safe.

- If you see someone flooded in, call 911 before putting your own life in danger.The DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Office has boats and amphibious vehicles that are capable of high water rescue.This equipment will be ready and willing.