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Availability of Low Income Energy Assistance Fund (LIHEAP) for DeSoto Residents



The DeSoto Parish Police Jury Office of Community Services is announcing the availability of funds dedicated to assist eligible low income households in DESOTO PARISH.Please call the DPPJ/OCS on July 13, 2017 and request to be put on the WAITING LIST for a LIHEAP application.Our office will be accepting calls at 8:30 A.M. No calls will be accepted before 8:30 A.M.

All applications will not be mailed out at once. This assistance is not for disconnect notices or inactive accounts.

An eligible household is one whose total income is at or below the levels listed in the table below and who have not received a previous benefit within the past six months.

Applicants MUST provide, at a minimum, the following documentation at the time the application is taken:

(1) Copies of each household member’s social security cards

(2) Proof of income for all household members.If you are employed, you will be asked to provide your last four consecutive check stubs.If you have unearned income, you will be asked to provide your income for 2016.

(3) A copy of an energy bill (must be within the last 6 months)

(4)A current LA ID or driver’s license for all household members 18 and up.

(5)Another document which was mailed to the applicant at the service address indicated on the energy bill and which lists the same address as the service address on the energy bill.

(6) If you rent you must bring your lease showing utility allowances and reimbursements. If it is determined additional documentation is required, the applicant will be notified at the time of application. Households reporting Zero Income must provide additional documentation.All information provided is subject to verification.Intentional misrepresentation of information may result in criminal prosecution of the applicant and anyone assisting in the misrepresentation.

Applications are taken by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, you may call: 318-872-0880 or 1-800-872-0889.

  Household Size Maximum Income Per household per month
1 1905
2 2491
3 3077
4 3663
5 4249
6 4835
7 4945
8 5055