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Hazardous Waste Collection Day for DeSoto Parish

Due to the sponsorship of the DeSoto Parish Police Jury, Shreveport Green will provide DeSoto Parish residents a day of hazardous waste material collection to be held on Saturday, April 16, from 9:00 AM until 12:00 PM.  For the convenience of Desoto citizens, 2016 sites include Logansport, South Mansfield and Stonewall.  The three compactor sites are strategically placed for the ease of usage for the yearly recycling opportunity.

This will be the perfect opportunity to get rid of all those things cluttering your garage and storage unit.  However, this collection is for residential waste only, and not for business or farm materials.  Shreveport Green will have chemists, staff and volunteers available at the three locations, to help with the identification of your waste substances for proper disposal.

Material accepted will include used oil, paint, cleaning products, antifreeze, stains, aerosols, transmission fluid, paint thinner, pesticides, oil filters, paint solvents, herbicides, brake fluid (similar automotive products), gasoline and solvents, insecticides, ammunition, batteries, computers, explosives, heating and cooling related items, thermostats, electronics, fireworks, cell phones, flares, mercury, tires (limit 4 per household), acids, automobile batteries, fluorescent light bulbs and thermometers. 

Items not accepted include materials in leaking or improper containers, household fire alarms and smoke detectors, gas cylinders, household fire extinguishers or radioactive materials.   If in doubt, residents can check the Shreveport Green website at for acceptable materials. 

Americans generate 1.16 million tons of hazardous household waste per year with the average home accumulating as much as 100 pounds, just sitting in garages and other storage areas.  Things such as old paint and paint related products, pesticides, swimming pool chemicals, drain cleaners, degreasers, car care products and other common household items, which if disposed of improperly, can create a potential risk to people and the environment.  Certain types of waste have the potential to cause physical injury to sanitation workers; contaminate septic tanks or wastewater treatment systems, if poured down the toilet or drain; and present hazards to children and pets if just left around the house. 

The Logansport collection site is located at 2454 Bethel Road, just off of Hwy 84 in Logansport, and the South Mansfield site is located at 794 Railroad Avenue.  In Stonewall, the collection site is located at 5284 Hwy 3276, just off of Hwy 171.

Your DeSoto Parish Police Jurors that have made this collection available include Charlie Roberts – District 1A; B. D. Mitchell – District 1B; J. O. Burch – District 1C; Jim “Jimbo” Davlin – District 2; Greg Baker – District 3; Richard Fuller – District 4A; Jeri Burrell – District 4B; Ernel Jones – District 4C; Thomas Jones – District 4D; Reggie Roe – District 5 and Rodriquez “Dale” Ross – District 6.