Solid Waste Division

The DeSoto Parish Police Jury Solid Waste Division has renovated all Parish Compactor Sites with new facilities, equipment plus some new locations, a total of 18 sites. These Sites are open and manned 6 days per week, and conveniently located and readily accessible to all DeSoto Parish residents. These 18 locations are capable of taking in all residential household waste which includes all garbage, furniture, refrigerators, hot water tanks, stoves, and any household goods except chemicals or batteries.

Four sites presently (Logansport, Stonewall, South Mansfield, & Frierson) have containers for recycling clean newspaper, cardboard, and plastic bottles.  The DeSoto Parish Police Jury also owns and operates the Mundy Sanitary Landfill. It is a 240 acre landfill, located at 2712 Hwy 84 East, where the Parish residents can take and dispose of small amounts of construction debris at no cost. This facility is a Type I, II, & III Landfill and Type I & II Surface Impoundment Solid Waste, permitted by the State of Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality.

Parish Solid Waste Department is also in a cooperative endeavor agreement with the Desoto Parish Sheriff's Office and uses inmates for labor cleanup, grass cutting, and litter pickup along parish roadside right-of-ways.

Wardell Bowie - Supervisor

Contact Info:

2712 Hwy. 84
Mansfield, LA  71052
Phone: 318-872-2500
Fax: 318-872-2541
Hours: 6:30am-4:30pm (Monday-Friday) 6:30am-12:00pm (Saturday)

Hours of Operation for Compactor Sites

Wardell Bowie