DeSoto Parish Police Jury

Welcome to the DeSoto Parish Police Jury's new and informative website. What you are seeing represents the cooperation, effort and understanding of a number of individuals who have gone to great effort to create a site for DeSoto residents that is user-friendly, informative, convenient and easy-to-use. It will introduce the public to all services provided by the DeSoto Parish Police Jury, including job openings. It will also provide links to access various parish services online. The website will be updated on a regular basis so it will be your great resource for all things pertaining to DeSoto Parish.

The DeSoto Parish Police Jury meets twice a month at 5:00 p.m. Committee Meetings are held on the first Monday of the month and Regular Meetings are held on the following Monday of the month, unless changes are made due to holiday schedules. Future agendas will be posted on this website for all Committee, Regular, and any Special Meetings in order to keep the public informed of actions made by the Jury.